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streetwear shop Nendaz Station Switzerland

By, 26-02-2007 @ 20:29 [retailers - shop]

streetwear shop Nendaz Station Switzerland – SPECIMEN Shop

A great news for in Nendaz Station !!
Specimen, the new shop in Nendaz Station (VS – Switzerland), very funny shop, with a great concept, modern and good music decide to present

streetwear shop Nendaz
Immediately very successful : new concept for the shop and new collection for ! A great collaboration, that we hope for a long time !!!

Now, go to visit the shop and discuss with Christian, the cousin of Sylviane, the national swiss skier… and take a coffee… Look at


Specimen Boutique
Imm. Les Platanes,
1997 Nendaz Station
tel: 027 288 22 20

see our resellers list : resellers team
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swiss streetwear pictures gallery

By, 24-02-2007 @ 10:16 [collections]

swiss streetwear pictures gallery

see our pictures gallery… Summer 2006 collection gallery Winter 2005-06 collection gallery Summer 2005 collection gallery Team
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electro minimal Break da Röstigraben – La Ruche Lausanne

By, 23-02-2007 @ 08:26 [events]

Break da Röstigraben 03 – electro minimal special Zuerich !! La Ruche in Lausanne Switzerland

We are very happy to participate to this project which try to mix swiss german Dj’s between swiss french Dj’s… thanks a lot to our friend Dj Ghetto Po

Dj’s from Zuerich – MINIMAL DESIGNER
Shahira, Laso , Ivo Christow and Andy Gobeli

Break da Roshtigraben03

See you there… hehehe !! Team
it’s up to you!!

sportswear shop in Montana Switzerland

By, 22-02-2007 @ 18:08 [retailers - shop]

sportswear shop in Montana Switzerland

Some pictures from the sportswear shop “Avalanche” in Montana Switzerland

sportswear shop Montana

eheheh nice clothes into the “boutique”…hehehe

sportswear shop Crans-Montana

Galerie Victoria
3962 Montana
tel: +41 27 480 24 24

Thanks to Dave and his staff !! We are very happy because he tried our products last summer 2005… so now he continues our collaboration.. so you find our actual collection there !!

Tigidop… Team
it’s up to you!!

sportswear shop in Vercorin Switzerland

By, 19-02-2007 @ 19:58 [retailers - shop]

sportswear shop in Vercorin Switzerland called VIRAGE Sport

yooooooo… you can find our clothes there… thanks a lot to David and his staff to have chosen our brand !!

sportswear shop Vercorin

VIRAGE sport
route du Téléphérique
3967 Vercorin
Tel : +41 27 455 87 00
Fax : +41 27 455 58 01
Email : Team
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TF1 “Reportages” french TV emission

By, 13-02-2007 @ 23:40 [press]

TF1 “Reportages” a french TV emission – Saturday 17th February 13h20

tf1 reportages

See our french importer Nelly Dupic from Distreet on the french TV “TF1″ on Saturday 17th February 13h20

peace… Team
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people pictures gallery who’s next Paris

By, 07-02-2007 @ 22:11 [events]

See our people pictures gallery from the last who’s next trade show in Paris France

People pictures gallery - Whos Next Tradeshow Paris

Thanks to everybody for your collaboration !!
peace, Team

p.s. SPECIAL THANKS to SAGEM France who gave us the mini-printer to print the pictures on postcards !!!