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indie surf pop FABS music – ADDICTED !!

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yoooo see our new indie surf pop band addictedFABS music !!

Sunshine retro-pop FABS music really lives up to the expectation generated by the influence of The Beach Boys, their sound is perhaps best described as indie surf pop, with a mix of retro styles, every track is a hook-heavy gem that begs for a sing-along.

indie surf pop - FABS Band
A Scottish band with a South American lead singer. They formed in 2003 around singer/songwriter Fabiola Gatti born April 16th 1987, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. A keen surfer for 7 years, Fabiola describes surfing as a big part of her life and personality until she swapped her surfboard for a guitar and moved to Scotland at the tender age of 15 to pursue a musical career. FABS’ music has the unique edge of teen life seen through a surfer’s eyes with titles like Surfergirl’, Lighthouse’ and Sunrise’.
Fabiola Gatti
After a few demos Fabs signed a recording contract with Scottish Indie label Over 18s Records and released their first single “Surfer Girl” on 7″ vinyl in 2003. “Surfer Girl” was launched with a live performance at the Boardmasters surf festival in Newquay and along with their Beach Boy cover of “Surfin’ Safari” has become a cult song for the surfing scene featuring at surf events around the world and receiving good reviews from NME, Record Collector and Shout among others where their sound has been liken to ” The Blake Babies doing their best Dressy Bessy impression”. Record Collector quotes “Fabs music bristles with passion, energy and most importantly, originality” Their fans, though, embrace the music for its simple melodies, harmonies and easy-going compositions.

Lead singer Fabiola is mostly admired for her songwriting skills – not only because she writes Fabs indie-surf songs in English but also salsa-rumba songs in Spanish for her side project The Chi Chis, which has become very popular in the Latin music scene.

FABS are now leading the Indie Scottish music scene and have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun , The Daily Star and front page of The Press and Journal among others.

FABS recorded their single “So Jealous Boy” at Dougie MacLean’s studio in Dunkeld and released it in Nov 2005. “So Jealous Boy” is cutting-edge innovative power-pop featuring a radio-ready chorus full of Beach Boys style harmonies using a strikingly simple musical arrangement of violin, guitar and 70′s synths with a funky bassline. B-side “Where’s Surfergirl?” is a cool club mix of Fabs first single “Surfer Girl”. Produced by and featuring London’s skinny brown dog Len Lewis, it perfectly captures Fabs surf vibe along with tech house grooves.

In July 2006 Fabiola Gatti released “Lighthouse” on iTunes. A classic ballad, with a sweet and melodic tune featuring brilliant acoustic guitar licks and simple lyrics that you will find yourself listening to over and over again. On nov 20th 2006 Fabs re-release “Sunrise” a simple and catchy indie rock ballad. Fabiola’s uniquely alluring little-girl singing voice evokes a feeling of a day at the beach complete with Beehive hairdo’s, polka dot bikinis and the Big Kahuna dominating the waves.

FABS are currently finishing the recording of their debut album -expected to be released in summer 2007- it’s been tipped to be the most refreshing new album in quite a long while and is guaranteed to push Fabs into the mainstream.

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official page :

Peace and respect to them… Team
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frankenstein tshirt special movie serie

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frankenstein tshirt special movie serie – Summer 2007 collection !!

frankenstein tshirt
photo David Houncheringer -

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yep yep yep thanks for your attention..hehehe !

peace, Team

boutique Lausanne Switzerland

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Wonderfull boutique in the centre of Lausanne Switzerland “Pas banal Boutique” where you can find all products !!

shop Lausanne

boutique Lausanne Suisse

Pas banal
rue de l’Ale 15
1003 Lausanne
tel: +41 21 312 05 50

Thanks to Marta and Maria to choose us for their boutique !! Team

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jason tshirt special movie serie

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jason tshirt special movie serie – Summer 2007 collection !!

Jason tshirt
photo David Houncheringer - 

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catwoman tshirt special movie serie

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catwoman tshirt special movie serie – Summer 2007 collection !!

catwoman tshirt

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new summer 2007 collection

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See our new summer 2007 collection  

The new collection 2007 is arrived, there are light jackets with and without hoodie, new design on our tshirts, and a special serie dedicated to the fantastic movies…

man jacket streetwear woman hooded jacket
Clockwork Orange tshirt
woman streetwear tshirt

Download our summer collection 2007 catalogue here

tigidop… Team 
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little friendly funky paper friend Monsieur Gus

By, 16-03-2007 @ 11:26 [videos and animations]

Monsieur Gus is a little friendly funky paper friend !!

Yoooo it’s done !! The first ever Monsieur Gus and collector is available and free to download ! Careful because your friends could be jealous so put him everywhere.

MonsieurGus &

Monsieur Gus is a cool paper character who lives in Gusland. You can discover in fantasmagoric world on the website, where you also have the opportunity to download him and create him.

In Gusland, you will meet the strangest and funniest characters : ex-gangsters now members of a rock group (or vice versa), retired super heroes, the last citizen of the Gusiksthan (Gus’ roommate at the moment), the Hammer brothers, previous horror movie superstars who are hoping a second big career in the gangster sector, the horrible Bronchite Professor, who is evil and hates Gus, and many more!

33 characters already exist for that first seasson (+ the rugby ones). Many more will come to live soon. Visit to discover their story and to get your own Gus!

You can download the MonsieurGus for free so please download, print, cut, paste and take a picture of him and then send a picture to and to

please send only 600 pixel large pictures thank you !!

Andy et son MonsieurGus

From this gallery you can send an e-postcard of your MonsieurGus… hehehe !!

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Festival Médecins du Monde Neuchâtel en Suisse

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Festival Médecins du Monde – 16 mars et 17 mars 2007
à la Case-à-Chocs de Neuchâtel en Suisse

Nous sommes fiers d’être partenaire de cet event !!
C’est sur l’initiative d’un groupe d’amis qu’est né, il y a bientôt 10 ans, ce pari fou : mettre sur pied un festival rock pour soutenir et mieux faire connaître l’ONG Médecins du Monde Suisse. Pour son édition 2007, le festival versera ses bénéfices à la mission de Médecins du Monde Suisse au Népal. Il s’agira de financer une partie du personnel médical de l’Hôpital Pasang Lhamu Nicole Niquille, construit dans le village de Lukla-Aéroport, sur la route de l’Everest.

Les principes de fonctionnement du festival sont les suivants : tous les artistes acceptent de venir sans cachet et la soixantaine de personnes occupées à l’organisation de l’événement le font toutes bénévolement.

Festival Médecins du Monde

Venez écouter Redeem (CH), Rhésus (F) et Polar (CH, IR, F) dès 21h le vendredi 16 mars 2007 sur la grande scène de la Case-à-Chocs de Neuchâtel, puis Morphologue (CH), Riké de Sinsemilia (F) et enfin Melatonin (CH) le samedi 17 mars 2007, même heure, même endroit !

Outre les concerts très attendus dans la grande salle de la Case-à-Chocs, le public pourra aussi découvrir dès 23h, dans une ambiance ethno-lounge, une projection sur grand écran des clichés sur le Népal du photographe Jean-Marie Jolidon tout en profitant de la musique des DJs qui seront aux platines du Namasté. Les stands d’information de Médecins du Monde Suisse, Groupe info Sida Neuchâtel et Be My Angel ainsi que les bars légendaires avec boissons diverses et petite restauration originale seront également de la partie. Voilà de quoi passer un bon moment de dépaysement en musique!

Prix d’entrées :
Vendredi 16 mars 2007 : 25.-/ préloc 20.-
Samedi 17 mars 2007 : 35.-/ préloc 30.-
Abonnement deux soirs : 50.-/ préloc 40.-

Prélocations sur

Namasté : Entrée gratuite team
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petit personnage en papier sympa et fun Monsieur Gus

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Monsieur Gus est un petit personnage en papier sympa et fun !!

Monsieur Gus et ! Et bien voila que c’est fait, le tout premier Gus collector vient de sortir et il est en libre téléchargement ! Attention car ce Monsieur Gus pourrais attirer la jalousie de votre entourage donc faut en mettre partout !

MonsieurGus &

Tu peux télécharger librement ton MonsieurGus! and it’s free messieurs dames! Alors profitez, téléchargez, imprimez, découpez, collez et photographie puis envoyez à ainsi qu’à MonsieurGus svp!

ATTENTION ne pas envoyer des images plus larges que 600 pixels merci !!

Andy et son MonsieurGus

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roller bmx skate park Limoges France

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roller bmx skate park à Limoges en FranceFRESH PARK

roller bmx skate park Limoges

Ouvert 7j/7 de 10h à 22h

23 Avenue du Ponteix
Tel : 05 55 75 29 28
(bus ligne 15)

  • Location de matériel
  • Session libre
  • Initiation
  • Boutique : FRESH SHOP Street wear Homme- Femme
  • Cyber café

street wear boutique skate park Limoges

Tarifs :

5euros/3H :

Location de matériel + protection : 10euros/3h
Cours particuliers : 30euros/h

Possibilité d’abonnement à l’année, au trimestre ou au mois.

Un grand BRAVO à Claudine Peyronnet, Denis Poyer et Eric Bily pour leur courage, leur ténacité leur motivation, leur savoir faire et leur professionnalisme qui aura permis la naissance de ce skate park, que tous attendaient avec impatience !!!!!

Il s’agit d’une vraie réussite, tant sur le plan technique que humain !! Et ce fût un véritable défi pour tous les 3 ! Encore BRAVO !!!!!!

En partenariat avec Distreet et HEIDI.COM, le tee-shirt officiel de Freshpark est un tshirt HEIDI.COM en vente dans le Fresh shop !!

Ils vous attendent tous et toutes pour de la glisse en live et en musique !

Maximum R.E.S.P.E.C.T de la part de Nelly Dupic de Distreet et tout le Team Team
it’s up to you!!


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