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By, 23-11-2013 @ 15:42 [events] at the IGEHO fair in Basel, Switzerland on the Samsung Chemical Booth


Come to visit us there, we present our interactive shop-in-shop retail satellite

It incorporates a 46” interactive touch screen with access to the virtual content of A physical display system for clothes and accessories, which is invisible when not in use, is integrated into the rear of the totem unit. This enables the totem unit to be used as a complementary display fixture in situations where little space is available.


  • Shows and provides access to the entire collection regardless of the physical space available in the retail outlet
  • Links sales to the inventory (updated in real time)
  • Creates special offers and customer categories through the loyalty programme
  • Enables customers to experiment and shop online in real time
  • Retailer benefits from an instant margin
  • Goods are delivered to customers’ doorsteps




Complete collection catalogue
Rewards and special offers
Loyalty programme
Authentication services
Live sharing on social networks
Payment solutions
Margin calculations for retailers
Automatic inventory updates
Web platform (instant remote updates)

Our interactive shop-in-shop retail satellite is designed by Zaha Hadid architects with Samsung – materials & technologies, Inox communication – media content, Intel – computer hardware, EG electronics – digital solutions, MCA concept – ERP/CRM solutions, Vsiplay – Shopfitting systems  built by Scheschy – interior solutions

Thanks for all our partners !!

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Marketing Management Kotler – article publication

By, 17-11-2013 @ 12:40 [press]

Publication review – article about into the marketing manual called: Marketing Management kotler
(February 2013)

MARKETING MANAGEMENT reste l’ouvrage de référence de la discipline. Outre l’actualisation des exemples, cette 14e édition aborde les problématiques marketing les plus actuelles : influence du Web 2.0 sur la pratique du marketing (commerce en ligne et sur mobile) ; mise en place d’un marketing responsable au plan social et environnemental ; stratégies marketing en temps de crise. Le lecteur bénéficie en outre d’un accès libre et illimité aux ressources en ligne parmi lesquelles : les flashcards du glossaire, un lexique français/anglais et le résumé de chaque chapitre. Des ressources numériques supplémentaires sont proposées aux enseignants. Un ouvrage incontournable pour étudiants, enseignants et professionnels.
——– english version ————–
MARKETING MANAGEMENT is the gold standard in the discipline because it continues to reflect the latest changes in marketing theory and practice. New for the 14th edition, more information is given on marketing in an economic downturn. This edition also contains updated material relating to social media and personal communications. The opening of each chapter has been redone and many new text boxes have been added.


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Thanks to François Courvoisier,

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RETAIL+ plus scandinavian magazine – press review

By, 13-11-2013 @ 18:53 [press]

Press review – article about in a scandinavian magazine called: Retail+ plus
(October 2013)


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Swiss composer – Alain Weber – ADDICTED !!

By, 07-11-2013 @ 09:57 [addicted]

Swiss composer - Alain Weber - ADDICTED !!

Coming first from the rock scene (1988-1990, Dorian Gray / Rosa Rot) then electronic (1991-1994, Safe Deposit / Globulo) and later producing  compilations (2001-2003, abstract vol. I, II, III), Alain Weber made  a u-turn in his musical career. His artistic approach is in keeping with the minimalist style of  Michael Nyman or even Philip Glass. Considering  himself  a retro futurist, he presents meticulous compositions combining  classical sounds with a resolutely contemporary approach.


It is through his minimalist compositions that Alain Weber leads us into his new project entitled ‘Le Grand Tour’. This collection of electronic music is a collection of melodies which immerses us into a world of film.

‘Le Grand Tour’ makes reference to late 18th century Switzerland. Helvetia was an unmissable destination for the romantic British artists who came to admire the imposing poetic landscapes before them.

A limited edition collectors’ box set is available containing  a CD, a vinyl disc and a book on the Swiss mountains by the photographer Leo Fabrizio. This box set is completed by eight exclusive remixes including those by Kid Chocolat, POL, 45/AM/PM and  Marabou – swiss fresh fashion


SLIDE and SOUND concerts LIVE Martigny Suisse

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SLIDE and SOUND concerts LIVE Martigny Suisse

Comme d’hab, est fidèle et fier partenaire de la 12ème édition du Slide and Sound, évènement désormais incontournable de la vie culturelle valaisanne.

Les 15 et 16 novembre 2013


Une fois de plus, rendez-vous au CERM ! Au programme, la projection de nombreux films snowboard et mountain, des démonstrations de skate et de BMX, et des concerts LIVE

Plus d’info sur le programme, horaires et autres : ci-dessous les concerts sur les deux jours :


22:30 Youssoupha

01:30 Dope DoD

21:30 Tweek

01:00 KT Gorique feat. Opak & AR-J “Fréres Incendie”

02:30 Ertu&Pushkin



00:30 2manydjs

23:00 Ebony Bones

21:30 Griefjoy

02:30 Eco

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