electro electronic week-end Switzerland Neuchâtel

By heidi.com, 23-11-2005 @ 20:30 [events]

La Superette – festival electro @ case a chocs / Neuchâtel / Switzerland

electro electronic festival week-end / Neuchâtel - Switzerland

FRIDAY 25 SATURDAY 26th November 05
15.-/25.- for two days

Plastique de Rêve Live act (Gigolo records/Berlin/Germany)
Kissogram (Germany)
Divinity (Zurich/Switzerland)
Kate Wax (Live act – Mental Groove /Geneva/Switzerland)
Jeans Team (Germany)
Saalschutz (Switzerland)
Swit-Honey (Techno collective/HMC/Delémont/Switzerland)
Ducks Funk (Ewc)
Styro 2000 (Zh//Switzerland/Brückstücke),
Spy vs Spy (Zh/Switzerland/7b)
Le Club des Chats (France/Discobabel)
Electricpocnic (Neuchâtel/Switzerland)
Cycle Opérant (Neuchâtel/Switzerland)
Ghetto Po (Neuchâtel/Switzerland/7b)
Mda (Neuchâtel/Switzerland/Audioselecta)
Nicky Carson (Neuchâtel/Switzerland/Techno Collective)
P. Ferrari Center (Neuchâtel/Switzerland)
Leiko (Vaud/Switzerland/Urban Sound)
Jerôme Baker (Be/Switzerlandrn/Urban Sound)
Steve Gust (Neuchâtel/SwitzerlandUrban Sound),
Bambeat (Neuchâtel/Switzerland)
Sonicwork (Geneva/Switzerland/Brave New Sound)
Kriss Kortz (France/TechnoCollective)
Albruic (Vaud/Switzerland/Techno Collective)
K-One (Neuchâtel/Switzerland/Audioselecta)

Video : Supermafia (Neuchâtel/Switzerland) and Plastique de Rêve Live act (Gigolo records/ Berlin/Germany)

21h –> 04h / 3 floors / after every nights

heidi.com will be present !!

electro electronic

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