heidi.com at the IGEHO fair with Samsung Chemical

By heidi.com, 23-11-2013 @ 15:42 [events]

heidi.com at the IGEHO fair in Basel, Switzerland on the Samsung Chemical Booth


Come to visit us there, we present our interactive shop-in-shop retail satellite

It incorporates a 46” interactive touch screen with access to the virtual content of heidi.com. A physical display system for clothes and accessories, which is invisible when not in use, is integrated into the rear of the totem unit. This enables the totem unit to be used as a complementary display fixture in situations where little space is available.


  • Shows and provides access to the entire Heidi.com collection regardless of the physical space available in the retail outlet
  • Links sales to the Heidi.com inventory (updated in real time)
  • Creates special offers and customer categories through the loyalty programme
  • Enables customers to experiment and shop online in real time
  • Retailer benefits from an instant margin
  • Goods are delivered to customers’ doorsteps




Complete collection catalogue
Rewards and special offers
Loyalty programme
Authentication services
Live sharing on social networks
Payment solutions
Margin calculations for retailers
Automatic inventory updates
Web platform (instant remote updates)

Our heidi.com interactive shop-in-shop retail satellite is designed by Zaha Hadid architects with Samsung – materials & technologies, Inox communication – media content, Intel – computer hardware, EG electronics – digital solutions, MCA concept – ERP/CRM solutions, Vsiplay – Shopfitting systems  built by Scheschy – interior solutions

Thanks for all our partners !!

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