International Fantastic Film Festival NIFFF Neuchâtel Switzerland

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International Fantastic Film Festival NIFFF Neuchâtel Switzerland

A prestigious programming with more than 90 films, notorious guests and digital creation: for its 8th edition, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival promises to establish itself once and for all as the unavoidable event of the genre in Switzerland.

July 1- 6 2008


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Joe Dante and Hideo Nakata: two cult directors at the NIFFF!

Joe Dante, director of Innerspace, Gremlins and two episodes of the Masters of Horror series, will be present in Neuchâtel to chair the international competition jury. The American moviemaker will have on his side Xavier Gens (France), director of Frontière(s), Jens Lien (Norway), winner of the best movie Narcisse in 2006 with The Bothersome Man and the American writer Lucius Shepard, renowned author of science-fiction novels.

Hideo Nakata, director of the formidable Ring and Dark Water, will be the guest of honour of this eighth edition, having chosen the NIFFF as his first visit to a Swiss festival. This innovative Japanese moviemaker is the originator of a significant revival of Japanese fantastic cinema these last years. He will present L Change the World, sequel to the best-selling manga Death Note adaptation, for the closing ceremony on the 6th of July.

An international competition which brings together sure values and original discoveries.
Member of the international jury in 2006, George A. Romero comes back this year to present his Diary of the Dead, fifth constituent of the mythical series initiated 40 years ago with The Night of the Living Dead. Present in Neuchâtel as well, Spanish Isidro Ortiz and British Paul Andrew Williams will respectively present Eskalofrio, a mastered and elegant thriller, and The Cottage, an explosive mix of comedy and horror. Among the other notable events of the 2008 selection, audiences will have the chance to discover Takashi Miike’s latest movie, Sukiyaki Western Django, a burlesque and furious UFO with Quentin Tarantino as an exceptional guest star, and the sketches movie Tokyo!, by Bong Joon-ho, Leo Carax and Michel Gondry. This year, the international competition particularly distinguishes itself by the great variety of origins among the films of the competition, with Sweden (Let the Right One In by Thomas Alfredson), Korea (The Devil’s Game by Yoon Inho) and even Macedonia (Shadows by Milcho Manchevski) represented.

New Cinema From Asia: the Asian Competition
Exploring once again the diversity of Asian production, the New Cinema From Asia competition offers 9 movies coming from 6 countries: India (Om Shanti Om by Farah Khan), Thaïland (13 Beloved by Chukiat Sakveerakul, Sick Nurses by Sirivivat Thospol), Japan (A Drift in Tokyo by Miki Satoshi), Hong Kong (Sparrow by Johnnie To), Indonesia (Kala: Dead Time by Joko Anwar) and Malaysia (Zombies From Banana Village by Mamat Khalid). A unique occasion to feel the pulse of a production in perpetual evolution between a long established and a newly emerging cinema.

Open Air, year II
Able to seat 600 spectators, the Open Air has a bigger stature for its second year. Exclusively made up of unreleased films and one preview – Get Smart – by Peter Segal , the programming sails between animation (Dragons Hunters by Guillaume Inervel and Arthur Qwak), supernatural thriller (The Eye by David Moreau and Xavier Palud) and science-fiction (Doomsday by Neil Marshall). Cherry on the cake, Ashes of Time, Won Kar-wai’s masterpiece, will be presented in its Redux version, along with the Final Cut of the very cult Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, in presence of Syd Mead, the designer of the movie.

Imaging the Future Symposium and the new animago prize: digital creation at the NIFFF
For the third consecutive year, the NIFFF organises the Imaging the Future Symposium ( Meetings dedicated to the development of digital images, the ITF welcomes this year a more than prestigious guest of honour: Syd Mead, the designer of Blade Runner, TRON and Aliens, notably. The animago prize will be presented on the 2nd of July as an extension of the symposium. Created in Germany in 1999, animago represents without any doubts the most important award dedicated to digital creation in Europe. The evening will be the opportunity to present the Swiss version of the prize, which will be given from 2009 onwards, and the winners of the last European edition.

Short movies, between fiction and video art£Short movies are honoured at the NIFFF with three competitions. The Swiss Shorts and European Shorts will give an account of the vitality of Swiss and European genre cinema. A brand new competition, Actual Fears, born from the collaboration between the NIFFF and the Centre d’Art Neuchâtel (CAN), will explore, as far as it is concerned, the links between fantastic cinema and contemporary art. (

Spain: a new wave of shudders
Spain currently experiences a revival of its genre cinema. The proof in 4 films with the special program Spain: Land of Fright, which notably presents [REC] as a preview and in the presence of director Jaume Balagueró. Moreover, the legendary Spanish moviemaker Jess Franco will also come to present three of his films that are the fruit of his collaboration with the swiss producer Erwin C. Dietrich.

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