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snowboard freeski fmx skateboard live parties in Zuerich =

Come and see our stand at the in Zuerich Switzerland which is Europe’s biggest freestyle sports event. On the Landiwiese the world’s best snowboarders, freeskiers, FMXers und skateboarders show their daredevil tricks, flips and jumps and try to snatch the greatly demanded titles «freestyle.champ» and «crossover.champ».

Pure action rules – as well as a big Meet&Greet. As at the whole international freeestyle community meets.

Come and join us there !!

Our stand is waiting you at the Label World position 12 see below the map

label world freestyle Zuerich


it’s up to you!!

alpine roots meet urban creativity

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Thursday, September 20
19.00 Opening Party in the Seebad Enge

Friday, September 21
18.00 Doors open
18.30 FMX Prequalification
19.00 Gimma Concert by Nokia Trends Lab
19.45 Freeski Prequalification
20.45 Skateboard Prequalification
21.45 Xbox 360 Big Screen Gaming
22.00 Snowboard Prequalification
23.00 End of Program

Event sound by DJ Ujo

Label World open till 23:00
Bars and Restaurants open till 24:00

23.00 Afterburner Party in the Rohstofflager Club

Saturday, September 22
11.00 Doors open
14.30 Skateboard Qualification
15.30 Freeski Qualification
17.00 FMX Qualification
17.30 Concert
18.00 Snowboard Qualification
19.15 Burton Movie Premiere «Thanks in Advance»
20.00 Millencolin Concert by Nokia Trends Lab
21.15 Xbox 360 Big Screen Gaming
21.30 The Ultimate Crossover Session
Snowboard, Freeski, FMX, Skateboard

23.00 End of Program

Event sound by DJ Ujo

Label World open till 23:00
Bars and Restaurants open till 02:00

23.00 Afterburner Party in the Rohstofflager Club

Sunday, September 23
11.00 Doors open
14.00 Freeski Final
14.45 Freeski Superfinal
15.00 Skateboard Final
15.30 Skateboard Superfinal
16.00 FMX Final
16.30 FMX Superfinal
17.00 Snowboard Final
17.45 Snowboard Superfinal
17.55 Nokia Film Lab
18.00 Prize-giving freestyle.champs

Event sound by DJ Ujo

Label World open till 19:00
Bars and Restaurants open till 19:00

Subject to change

Practise Schedule

Friday, September 21
18.00 FMX
18.45 Freeski
20.45 Skateboard
21.00 Snowobard

Saturday, September 22
14.00 Skateboard
14.15 Freeski
16.30 FMX
16.45 Snowboard
20.45 Crossover Session

Sunday, September 23
13.00 Freeski
14.15 Skateboard
15.45 FMX
16.00 Snowboard from September 21 – 23, 2007 – Europe’s largest freestyle event

The freestyle stars are on their way

The starter field for 2007 is impressive. From September 21 – 23, top stars in

snowboarding, freeski, FMX and skateboarding like Nicolas Müller (SUI), TJ Schiller (CAN), Andrè

Villa (NOR) and Renton Millar (AUS) will fight it out to the bitter end for the coveted

«freestyle.champ» and «crossover.champ» titles, guaranteeing audiences awe-inspiring contests.

Tickets to can be purchased at 3-day passes are available at a reduced

price through September 9.

Over the course of the past twelve years, has grown into Europe’s largest and most important

freestyle event. Its starter field says it all, making for stunning events – across all four disciplines. From

September 21 – 23, 2007, the stars of the scene will strut their stuff as they go all out for the cherished

«freestyle.champ» and «crossover.champ» titles. The contests will be broadcast live on the internet and

television in over 180 countries.

Will two-time champion Mathieu Crepel also win in Zurich?

The «freestyle.champ 06» Eero Ettala will be out of action this year due to injuries, but with all the super

stars lined up at the start, there will certainly be enough other candidates itching to take the lead in

contests along the 28 meter high, snow-covered Big Air snow ramp. Nicolas Müller from Switzerland

(King of Popcorn 2007 and winner of QP O’Neill Evolution 2007), who failed to make it past last year’s

qualifications due to contest mode misunderstanding, will be back to settle the score. The three-time

«freestyle.champ» Marc-André Tarte (CAN), whose injuries kept him out of the games in 2006, will

probably put up quite a fight this year to grab the title for a fourth time. Also certain to make a ruckus:

Mathieu Crepel from France (FIS two-time World Champion 2007), Scotty Lago from the US (the TTR

World Tour Leader 2007) and the newcomer from Norway, X-Games winner Andreas Wiig.

Which freeskiing hot spot will land the title?

Things will be brewing among freeskiers as representatives from all of the freeskiing hot spots step up to the

starting line. Representing North America will be TJ Schiller from Canada (winner of the Best Trick X-Games

2006) and Sammy Carlson from the US, who at age 18 won the King of Style in Stockholm (Big Air). Out in full

throttle will be the Scandinavians as they send out into the race, among others, Jon Olsson from Sweden.

Audiences should also keep an eye on Richard Permin, from the French freeskiing hot spot La Clusaz, who

surprised all last year when he took off at the prequalification and landed himself fourth in the final ranking.

Can FMX legend Manu Troux be beat?

It’s not yet clear whether Mat Rebaud, the Swiss star in FMX (freestyle motocross), will participate in this

years contests. However, word is in from two other giants – the Norwegian superstar Andrè Villa and the

FMX legend Manu Troux from France (the sole FMX-«crossover.champ») – are in the game and hot for

the title after having missed out on 2006 due to injuries. Troux evidently plans to stop riding at

the end of the year. Perhaps he just might change his mind once he’s pulled out all the tricks he’s got

ready for the upcoming contests. Will he manage to grab the «crossover.champ» title – now resting in the

hands of the skaters – for a second time?

Will Renton Millar keep riding the wave of success in Switzerland?

Who will win the title among the skateboarders? Both Jürgen Horrwarth, who placed third in the

Skateboard Europe Championships Basel 07, and Jussi Korhonen (FIN) were already hot for the title last

year. However, Renton Millar (AUS) and Terence Bougdour (FRA) – who ranked first and second,

respectively, in the Rip Curl Boardmasters Newquay 07 – certainly will make themselves heard as well as

they all scramble for the skateboarding «freestyle.champ» title.

More information available and complete ranking lists posted at 2007 Starting list

Snowboard Big Air – Main field

Prename Name Country City Year Sponsors Best Results

1 Anti Autti FIN Rovaniemi 1985 Flow, Billabong 1. World Championship Big Air 2007, 3. X Games Best Trick 2007

2 Mathieu Crepel FRA Anglet 1984 Quiksilver, Rossignol Double FIS World Champ 2007, 1. TTR Snowboard World Tour 2006

3 Markus Keller SUI Chur 1982 Nitro 1. Crans Montana Champ Open 2007, 7. Burton European Laax 2007

4 Janne Korpi FIN Huhmari 1986 O’neill, Kissmark 2. US Open Slopestyle 2007, 3. World Championship Big Air 2007

5 Scotty Lago USA Seabrook 1987 Flow, Billabong Current Leader TTR World Tour, 1. Nokia World Cup Saas Fee Halfpipe 2007

6 Nicolas Müller SUI Beckenried 1982 Burton King of Popcorn 2007, 1. O’neill Evolution Quaterpipe 2007

7 Kevin Pearce USA Norwich 1987 Burton 1. Burton New Zealand Open Slopestyle 07, 1. Arctic Challenge 07

8 Gigi Rüf AUT Au 1981 Burton Absinthe Films Crew Rider, 4. 2006

9 Christoph Schmidt GER Patsch 1983 Billabong 8. Olympic Games 2007, 1. Red Bull Gap Session Airtime 2006

10 Marc-André Tarte CAN Garibaldi 1979 Völkl Triple «freestyle.champ»

11 Andreas Wiig NOR Oslo 1981 Nitro, Vans 2 x Gold X-Games 2007 (Slopestyle & Best Trick), 2. Icer Air Big Air 2007

12 tbc

Freeski Big Air – Main field

Prename Name Country City Year Sponsors Best Results

1 Samuel Carlson USA Tigard 1989 Salomon 3. US Open Big Air 2007, 2. X Games Slopestyle 2007

2 Simon Dumont USA Maine 1986 Salomon 1. Honda Ski Tour Superpipe 2007, 2. European Freeski Open Slopestye 2007

3 Laurent Favre FRA La Clusaz 1984 Scott 2. Winter X Games Superpipe 2006, freestyle.champ 2005

4 Charles Gagnier CAN Victoriaville 1985 Salomon 1. US Open Big Air 2007, 4. US Open Superpipe 2007

5 PK Hunder NOR Oyer 1989 K2, Helly Hansen 1. European Freeski Open Slopestye 2007, 2. US Open Slopestyle 2007

6 Martin Misof AUT Innsbruck 1982 Nike ACG freestyle.champ 2006, 5. US Open Big Air 2006

7 Jon Olsson SWE Monaco-Ville 1982 Head 1. US Open Slopestyle 2007, 2. 2006

8 Richard Permin FRA La Clusaz 1985 Völkl, ACG 4. 2006, 2. King of Style 2006

9 TJ Schiller CAN Vernon 1986 Armada 4. US Open Big Air 2007, 1. Best Trick (Big Air) X-Games 2006

10 Jossi Wells NZ Wanaka 1990 Atomic 1. Halfpipe & 3. Slopestyle Orage European Open Slopestyle 2007

11 Jacob Wester SWE Täby 1987 Oakley 5. X Games Slopestyle 2007, 2. US Open Big Air 2007

12 Nico Zacek GER Unterhaching 1981 Völkl 1. Engadinsnow 2007, 1. Orage Masters 2006

FMX Dirt Jump – Main field

Prename Name Country City Year Sponsors Best Results

1 Daice Suzuki JAP Iwakishi 1981 Yamaha 2. X Air Vodafone 2007

2 Libor Podmol CZE Vlasim 1984 Suzuki Current Leader World Ranking IFMXF, 3. Riders Worldcup 2006

3 Thomas Pagès FRA Séniergues 1985 Suzuki 1. Canarias Freestyle 2007, 1. NGS Freestyle Nime 2007

4 Matt Schubring AUS Boonah 1982 KTM Freerider MX Rider of the Year 2006, 1. NZ Freestyle Sports Open 2006

5 Manu Troux FRA Tosse 1973 Gotcha Single FMX «crossover.champ 2005», 1. European X Games Rider

6 Andrè Villa NOR Torrevieja 1982 Suzuki 1. Night of the Jumps 2005 & 2006, 3. FIM World Championships 2006

7 tbc

Skateboard Vert – Main field

Prename Name Country City Year Sponsors Best Results

1 Terence Bougdour FRA Menthon 1978 Billabong 1. Adidas Skate Clash 2007, 2. Rip Curl Boardmasters Newquark 07

2 Jürgen Horrwarth GER Berlin 1975 Trap 3. European Champion Vert 2007, 1. European Champion Vert & Bowl 2006

3 Jussi Korhonen FIN Helsinki 1975 Vans 3. Oi Rio Vert Jam 2007, 2. European Skateboard Championship 2006

4 Renton Millar AUS Elwood 1975 Billabong 3. Copenhagen Pro 2007, 1. Rip Curl Boardmasters Newquay 07

5 Sascha Müller GER Münster 1978 Quiksilver 12. Worldcup Skateboarding 2006

6 Jocke Olsson SWE Malmö 1971 Flip 2. Adidas Skate Clash 2005


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