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By, 03-12-2005 @ 09:55 [news]

See our snowboard & skateboard teamriders in Nederland

Snowboard…Britte vd Pouw (dutch national chap. Big air and Halfpipe)

Snowboard rider Britte vd Pouw

Skateboard…Jennifer de Sera (Bowlskater, competet at EU chapionships at Basel, Bowlbash series and gilrs jam in Munster.)

Skateboard rider Jennifer de Sera

Thanks to Mike vd Bos… he is the contact person for all skateshops in Holland and Belgium.

Snippenbos 75
The Netherlands

his phone: 0031 (0) 255515486
his mob: 0031 (0) 618089299

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  1. Menno Noor says:

    heeyy jen vergeet niet wat je in amsterdam had gezegt hea met de voorrondes =P ,ik spreek je in eindhoven..Menno


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