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Ik ben windsurfer Marcel Veenstra. Ik ben 18 jaar en woon in Zeewolde. Daar heb ik op de RCN-camping mijn eigen surfschooltje en daar heb ik het dit jaar mega-druk mee gehad.

Al een aantal jaren vaar ik wedstrijden in de Formula Windsurfing-klasse. Hoogtepunt tot nog toe is het WK Formula Experience 2004 met een 30e plaats.

Windsurfen is een gave sport:
het geeft je een kick als je zo hard over het water scheert; en lekker chillen op het strand als er even geen wind staat.

Als jij wilt dat ik jou leer surfen, kijk dan eens op mijn site:
surfschool Marcel Veenstra



  1. Mike says:

    Heey Marcel,

    Ziet er goed uit man die stickers in je zeilen…ik ga is kijkenwat ik voor je kan doen via BoardStyle Magazine…

    greetz mike

  2. Artsiom says:

    Hi there,
    My name is Artsiom Drinkov and I am 11 years old.
    I am from Belarus (the former Soviet Union). I have got good results since I started my windsurfing training two years ago. I am very well equipped for personal training.
    It is my biggest interest to participate in windsurfing training and competitions arranged by your club.
    My major achievements over the previous year are as follows:
    1. I have held the leader’s position in this sport among children in Belarus since July 2005, when I took the first place in the competition among children under 15 years of age (
    2. In September 2005 I gained the lead in the competition among children under 14 years of age in Odessa, Ukraine.
    3. I also participated in other competitions in Ukraine and Moldova.
    In 2006 I got the following results:
    1. I was invited to the windsurfing club in VungTau, Vietnam, where I had very good training in windsurfing, for which I am very grateful to professional trainers Denis and Nikita Zemehovski.
    2. In June 2006 due to my parents’ efforts I visited a windsurfing club in Poland, where I got acquainted with wonderful trainers Tomasz Stefanski and Marzena Okonska and participated in competitions in Sopot, Poland.
    3. In September 2006 I participated in competitions in Kirillovka, Ukraine and received an award.
    4. I took the fourth place in the championship of Ukraine, which was conducted in Sevastopol.
    5. Also, in September 2006 I took the seventh place among children under 16 years of age (Navigator sailboard, sail up to 5 m2) in the Black Sea Cup 2006 (the Russian Open Championship) (;
    6. I took the eleventh place among children under 14 years of age in competitions in Mrangovo, Poland.
    Unfortunately, despite these achievements I don’t have a permanent trainer in Belarus. Certainly these results are not high. I understand that to achieve high results I must work very hard and I am ready to do my utmost. In fact, my hopes for high results will be worthless, if I continue training only in Belarus (without good trainers’ support) and if I do not train in the country, where this sport is highly developed. Today I get the most significant support from Mr. Dmitry Dudanov, Ukraine, but he doesn’t have a teenager group to train.
    I am really physically fit. When I was 4 years old, I was trained in acrobatics and since I was 6 years old I have been practicing water skis. In winter time I have my training indoors and on weekends I’m snowboarding, skating and skiing.
    May I kindly ask you to provide me with the following information:
    • What competitions are there in the schedule of your club for the near future?
    • Is there any chance to participate in competitions under the sponsorship of your club?
    • Is there any chance for me to undergo training in your club and present it at competitions in the future?
    At the moment I study English and French. My English is good. Also, I speak Russian and Romanian fluently. Also, I make straight “As” at school.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Artsiom Drinkov,

  3. carlos says:

    > first of all, congratulations about
    > the web! and about windsurf level of all holland!
    > I was born in buenos aires, my family is italian, and i
    > live in madrid since 2001! i windsurf in spain when I can
    > and where my money goes: tarifa (700 km from madrid,
    > almería, cantabria, some portugal and a lot of lakes around
    > madrid but with out strong winds)
    > so, I send you this e mail, becouse I want to spent one year or two in holland, and I`m trying to
    > understand where all you people from nederland achieve this
    > spectacular level of windsurf. I have to decide where to
    > live and I need an advice. wich is better for windsurf, live
    > in Den Haag, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastrich or where? where and what
    > are the best spots of windsurf there? I consider always tha every windsurfer have to pick the car and do some kilometers, but in madrid, I do 600 or 800 kilomemters to find winds.
    > I invite you in argentina when you want, in buenos aires, and of course in madrid we can take a beer and see the city.
    > well I salute you and hope you give some advice about this.
    > carlos.


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