Streetwear Boutique Sion Suisse MC & LO

By, 05-09-2007 @ 08:59 [retailers - shop]

article de presse sympa dans Le Matin (quotidien suisse)  du samedi 1er septembre 2007 sur MC & LO Streetwear Boutique à Sion en Suisse

streetwear boutique Sion

 ehehehe on parle aussi de heidi.commerci à Luisa et Fiona pour le clin d’oeil !!

tigidop… Team
it’s up to you!!

alpine roots meet urban creativity

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  1. Houssin says:

    I didn’t know it until I read this interview, but I reespct the shit out of this dude! Really has his head on straight. I firmlya0believea0that it’s the folks that run the shops, not the brands that are the engines that drive our little industrya0(no Detroit related pun intended). Really great interview, do more like this one!Also nice shout to Leaders, best shop in the windy city.


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