streetwear shop Nendaz Station Switzerland

By, 26-02-2007 @ 20:29 [retailers - shop]

streetwear shop Nendaz Station Switzerland – SPECIMEN Shop

A great news for in Nendaz Station !!
Specimen, the new shop in Nendaz Station (VS – Switzerland), very funny shop, with a great concept, modern and good music decide to present

streetwear shop Nendaz
Immediately very successful : new concept for the shop and new collection for ! A great collaboration, that we hope for a long time !!!

Now, go to visit the shop and discuss with Christian, the cousin of Sylviane, the national swiss skier… and take a coffee… Look at


Specimen Boutique
Imm. Les Platanes,
1997 Nendaz Station
tel: 027 288 22 20

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it’s up to you!!


  1. Cyril says:

    Direction Spécimen Shop !

    Longue vie à !

  2. Clothing says:

    Wonderful, great range. Would be cool if you post pics of the shop up here so we can see it, and enjoy the ‘new concept.’ Being English, I couldn’t quite understand the Specimen website but what’s on there looks pretty cool.

    Looks like a great brand, what are the plans for branching out? Or are you planning to keep it a Swiss brand alone? It is difficult to become more international– but if you get shops interested, then you don’t really need to take care of the details. So, hope the demand for these clothes is increasing, because it looks like a wonderful brand.


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