Antoine Auriol- world champion Kitesurfer ADDICTED !!

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Antoine Auriol- world champion Kitesurfer – ADDICTED !!

Antoine AURIOL was born on November 20th 1984 in a family in which, sports is a way of life. He grew up in Brittany just facing the sea. He tried every kind of sports and won the European Youth Championship in windsurf before devoting himself to kitesurfing. His past as a trampolinist filled him with confidence and his knowledge of sailing enabled him to make a difference both in freestyle and « race » kitesurfing. After several participations to the Kiteboard Pro World Tour (KPWT) and having been on the podium on several occasions, he was crowned world champion in 2010.


Antoine is a gifted sportsman who nurtures a way of life that combines wisdom, generosity and romanticism. His never-ending quest for new experiences and new environments makes of him an exceptional sportsman who is not done with making us dream.


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