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yoooo see our new indie surf pop band addictedFABS music !!

Sunshine retro-pop FABS music really lives up to the expectation generated by the influence of The Beach Boys, their sound is perhaps best described as indie surf pop, with a mix of retro styles, every track is a hook-heavy gem that begs for a sing-along.

indie surf pop - FABS Band
A Scottish band with a South American lead singer. They formed in 2003 around singer/songwriter Fabiola Gatti born April 16th 1987, in Punta del Este, Uruguay. A keen surfer for 7 years, Fabiola describes surfing as a big part of her life and personality until she swapped her surfboard for a guitar and moved to Scotland at the tender age of 15 to pursue a musical career. FABS’ music has the unique edge of teen life seen through a surfer’s eyes with titles like Surfergirl’, Lighthouse’ and Sunrise’.
Fabiola Gatti
After a few demos Fabs signed a recording contract with Scottish Indie label Over 18s Records and released their first single “Surfer Girl” on 7″ vinyl in 2003. “Surfer Girl” was launched with a live performance at the Boardmasters surf festival in Newquay and along with their Beach Boy cover of “Surfin’ Safari” has become a cult song for the surfing scene featuring at surf events around the world and receiving good reviews from NME, Record Collector and Shout among others where their sound has been liken to ” The Blake Babies doing their best Dressy Bessy impression”. Record Collector quotes “Fabs music bristles with passion, energy and most importantly, originality” Their fans, though, embrace the music for its simple melodies, harmonies and easy-going compositions.

Lead singer Fabiola is mostly admired for her songwriting skills – not only because she writes Fabs indie-surf songs in English but also salsa-rumba songs in Spanish for her side project The Chi Chis, which has become very popular in the Latin music scene.

FABS are now leading the Indie Scottish music scene and have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun , The Daily Star and front page of The Press and Journal among others.

FABS recorded their single “So Jealous Boy” at Dougie MacLean’s studio in Dunkeld and released it in Nov 2005. “So Jealous Boy” is cutting-edge innovative power-pop featuring a radio-ready chorus full of Beach Boys style harmonies using a strikingly simple musical arrangement of violin, guitar and 70′s synths with a funky bassline. B-side “Where’s Surfergirl?” is a cool club mix of Fabs first single “Surfer Girl”. Produced by and featuring London’s skinny brown dog Len Lewis, it perfectly captures Fabs surf vibe along with tech house grooves.

In July 2006 Fabiola Gatti released “Lighthouse” on iTunes. A classic ballad, with a sweet and melodic tune featuring brilliant acoustic guitar licks and simple lyrics that you will find yourself listening to over and over again. On nov 20th 2006 Fabs re-release “Sunrise” a simple and catchy indie rock ballad. Fabiola’s uniquely alluring little-girl singing voice evokes a feeling of a day at the beach complete with Beehive hairdo’s, polka dot bikinis and the Big Kahuna dominating the waves.

FABS are currently finishing the recording of their debut album -expected to be released in summer 2007- it’s been tipped to be the most refreshing new album in quite a long while and is guaranteed to push Fabs into the mainstream.

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Peace and respect to them… Team
it’s up to you!!

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Fabiola Gatti



indie surf pop - FABS Band



  1. Cyril says:

    JE vous lovvvvvve

  2. val says:

    Oh i love this band so much!

  3. Lee says:

    awesoooome! just like!

  4. __MARK__ says:

    hey! these guys rock! I checked out their music! so cool to see them here cos r the coolest!

  5. Alice says:

    I love!!!

  6. Flocky says:

    Come to shop to make concert…

  7. Cure says:

    Heide wär ja ganz nett von den Shirts her, aber der Preis ist absolut überrissen!!!

  8. bazil says:

    muess s’richtigsqualität richtigs zahle heeyy ..

  9. Molly says:

    I love FABS! I found thru searching FABS and I love Heidi’s clothes I’m gonna buy some! :)

  10. Dude says:

    WOW is this BAD music!!! “surfing on the ocean every day and night…I’m about to take flight…” Unbelievably stupid lyrics. No surfer would ever sing such things. You can tell by what she says that she really has no clue.

  11. Dude says:

    Sorry for what I said before, I read FABS bio again and search them on google and all 5 members of the band are surfers. and sponsored by Rip Curl. so they must be real surfers. Sorry it just didn’t seem real that’s why I said they probably weren’t surfers. Also heard the Surfer Girl song again and again and I’m starting to like it now :)

  12. Liceo Departamental says:


    Te recordamos del liceo.. felicitaciones por todo, pero.. ehhhhmmmm.. 20 años? estas segura?


    La gente del depa.

  13. glpsnksp says:

    bgwnqoms [URL=]oplxpieh[/URL] yxadkseh ehtmicgr giqxflit

  14. eurodipity says:

    Hey! prety girl! :P

  15. Laura says:

    Fabiola is not 20 she’s 21.

  16. pepe says:

    mi amigo se cogio a la cantante

  17. eddie says:

    The Fabs are ACE, best surf band around. Brilliant.

  18. pepe says:

    era mentira lo que dije de mi amigo, jeje. muy buena la banda eh, la verdad muy buena musica.

  19. kayla says:

    Fabiola is unbeliebavly talented! I love her music and I think she’s gorgeous! I wish I looked like her!

  20. swissgirl says:

    I love “The Fabs” but Fabiola’s new band is even better! It’s called “Dream Tribes”, love it, I’m addicted!

  21. Sinceridad says:

    canta feo es la verdad u.u

  22. Lorena says:

    Canta re lindo, amo la voz que tiene!!!!

  23. Karen says:

    I love Dream Tribes!! Fabiola you’re amazing!!!

  24. Midnight says:

    Dream Tribes are my favourite band u.u

  25. campbell says:

    Fabiola’s new band is amazing, listen to this

  26. paty says:

    Fabiola ha mejorado MUCHISIMO la voz, no se si son efectos especiales de sonido o ke, pero ahora con el grupo the dream tribes canta como inglesa la chica, tiene voz de inglesa y canta hermoso


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