italian crossover music band OVERUNIT MACHINE

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yooooo we are happy to present an italian crossover music band called :


overunit machine

We sponsorize them in collaboration with one of our best reseller… the HAKA shop

click below to read an interview of them with the Mellow Mood… our italian reggae band

Thanks to Stefania from the Haka shop for the interview

Hi Buddies!

Welcome to the northeast of Italy.

Here where “mamma”s still prepare Spaghetti at midday, here where the people complain because it’s too cold and because it’s too hot, here where we are ruled by ancient dinosaurs, here where we keep on voting them, here where everything seems quiet there are two bands that are not quiet at all!

Let’s meet them!

KLOWN: Spiting and Swearing
Crying Strings
LUCA: Hi-voltage 7 wires
Bazz Flood
IVOL: Drum Attack
JACO: Voice and Guitar
LOLLO: Guitar

ROMEO: Keyboards,
Synths and Theremin
STEVE: Saxophone and Melodica


Why do you play crossover and not reggae?
We do because there are the Mellow Mood that play reggae! We do because reggae music is a way of living and because we are not able to play crossover!
What’s the music for you?
K: Music is the engine that moves my body forward
A:One of the most powerful human way of expression
Music is our way of expressing what we feel everyday, everywhere.
What does your music express?
Our music is just a way to describe the sickness of our society. This means everything you have around Our music is to spread the Message of the Almighty: Love and I-nity.
What do you hope that people understand from your music?
We do not hope anything in particular. Everyone can get different emotions from our music. First, we want people to feel good and happy when listening to the Mellow Mood. Moreover we hope that our lyrics may bring more consciousness in the life of our listeners, may open their eyes on the harsh of nowadays life and on the Message.
Where is the coolest place where you’d like to play?
A tour in the United States would be a good starting point… Everyplace where we can help people with our music is the coolest.
Plans for the future?
We hope we’ll find a label. Just keep on playing like we do today. Just keep on feeling irie.

click here to see the Mellow Mood pictures


  1. ste says:

    GO GUYS!!!!The world deserves good music!!!So I wish the OVM and the MM to find a way to be heard everywhere!!With love and respect STE

  2. R.X says:

    O U M and M M


  3. R.X says:


  4. kader says:

    even though its not my usual kind of music,i heard overunit’s last c.d and its way cool…i had a chance to meet a few members of the band and they seemed reaaly focused on the music so i wish them good luck……..kader

  5. Jules-I says:

    Big Up Overunit Machine and Mellow Mood (that I know better… guess why!)

  6. dubbert says:

    well done boys and stef! these are the best bands you could have chosen!
    heidi really suits dem!

  7. AnnA says:

    how cool are the Mellow Mood! And they have also a cool sponsor!!

  8. AnnA says:

    ok, also these guys in this picture are cool!!!Is just that I don’t know them!

  9. yukiya says:

    gran crossover gli over unit!bravi bravi!


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