paragliding Pilot Gilles Berruex – ADDICTED!!

By, 24-10-2007 @ 21:11 [addicted]

Yooooo we are happy to introduce to you Gilles Berruex … our best paragliding Pilot friend so he feels very good in the air … for sure he loves this Element.


Swiss born and 30 years old, he starts flying acrobatics in 2000 and entered his first acro competition in 2003. He having placed 8th in the World Cup Red bull Vertigo 2003.

He flies since 2003 with The Gin Gliders Compagny

Gilles Berruex

He is a quiet man but he likes to be dynamic in the air with his acro gliders! He loves Nature, Landscape, and Travel. His proffession is Landscape Designer.

Since 2006 I flies Akro proto and develops it with Gin Gliders Since 2007 he takes the lead of the very new SWISS PARAGLIDING ACRO LEAGUE

His way for 2008 is to place his team in the first position during the World Championnship in Norvegia and for sure to fly acro and come back to the competition !!

Eheheeh good luck to him !!

peace & R.E.S.P.E.C.T !! Team
it’s up to you!!

alpine roots meet urban creativity

click below to see more wonderful pictures

ehehehe a man on the air…



pilot on the air

is he quiet ??

on the air
not sure… hehehe !!

paragliding Pilot acrobat


  1. Sarah says:

    Il est beaaauuuuu ce mec! Avez-vos son numéro de téléphone ? ;)

  2. Cyril says:

    Hé Pages blanches ça existe mtn !!!

  3. Lilyfly says:

    Whouawhou… charmant vous dites que je peux le trouver ou? en Norvège? je ferai le déplacement. à par ça j’adore le modèle sur la voile. Je vole aussi et c’est cool comme logo.:-)
    Voilà merci pour la marque

  4. Bob says:

    ….. son num vous feriez mieux de pas l’avoir en atendant sa voix vous prendriez peur ….. a+

  5. Amy says:

    I agree with you Nick.
    “…to know know know him it’s to love love love him and I do I really do and I do…” Amy

  6. Nicky says:

    y love you

  7. leia says:

    il est beau en plus sympa et il fait pas peur quand il parle!!!!;)

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