StreetKiss The Kiss Guerrilla – ADDICTED!!

By, 11-04-2007 @ 14:14 [addicted]

StreetKiss – The Kiss Guerrilla from Paris in France and everywhere..hehehe…

The streekiss are our friends… we met them during the last who’s next street fashion tradeshow in Paris France… so we love them and their concept !!

a brief descritpion of StreetKiss :

The wave of aggressive tenderness rumbles!

StreetKiss is recruiting Streetkissers ! The Kiss Guerrilla Warfare is starting right now and it’s coming at your place! Follow your kisser instinct, let’s go in the street to kiss some cheeks and film your actions !



Get your feats to us ! Post your videos on, then send the video url to us at We’ll broadcast the best ones on

Warning : You have to keep in mind that streetkissing is an act of affection and social interaction. It must never be the cause of any kind of excesses. In no case, practicing streetkiss should be motivated by other reasons such as jeering at somebody or any other bad intentions.

It’s time for the huge StreetKiss offensive !!!

StreetKiss has decided to offer you a more tender world. He has created the Parti Révolutionnaire du Bisou

streetkiss manifest

See Streetkiss on myspace :

Tigidop…R.E.S.P.E.C.T to them !! Team
it’s up to you!!

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  1. Cyril says:

    Hihihaha !!! Faut voir les vidéoS


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