urban electronic band Blockwerk from Vienna Austria – ADDICTED !!

By heidi.com, 04-12-2006 @ 13:23 [addicted]

Blockwerk is an urban electronic band from Vienna in Austria.

urban electronic band - Blockwerk

They make music from blocks. They like using acoustic elements based on electronic groundings.


Check out their music on www.blockwerkmusic.net or download all of their releases on iTunes, Napster or Musicload.

Currently they are working on their upcoming album called “Urban Communication” – it should be out sometime next year.

Before that they are going to release a vinyl titled “Straight Forward” – they are done with the mastering of this fine club-applicable record – featuring great artists such as Electric Indigo (Indigo Inc.), Erik Sumo (Pulver Records) and DJ Collage (formerly on Klein Records, G-Stone Recordings).

Hope you dig their style!

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