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By, 08-04-2014 @ 12:11 [events, news] is finalist of The CMA 2014 for the RETAIL category

The awards represent a real promotional springboard and give the winners a reputation and credibility for their efforts within the industry. The competition is open to all implemented contactless applications within the relevant sectors, regardless of geographic region or size of corporation. Despite being a UK-based event nominees are evenly represented world wide; 2014 saw more nominees per region than ever before, with 13% based in the UK, 39% based in mainland Europe, and 48% Rest of World.


The retail industry is the front line for all consumer oriented technology innovation. In this category, we are rewarding retailers that embrace technology to improve the customer experience. From digital signage to virtual storefronts to smart mobile payment systems; in the retail category, the judges are looking for forward looking, integrated solutions that take shopping to the next level.


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-ALPINE ROOTS MEET URBAN CREATIVITY- with Intel at the Digital Signage Expo DSE

By, 10-02-2014 @ 21:42 [events] will be present at the the Digital Signage Expo DSE 2014 Tradeshow with Intel in Las Vegas, USA.

The world’s largest international trade show dedicated to digital signage, interactive technology, and Out-of-Home networks.


We are finalist with “the Retail of Tomorrow project” for the DSE 2014 Apex Awards on the Interactive Self-Service categorie with our “ virtual POS“


More information about the project and our partners:

Our partners (reverse alphabetical order):
Zaha Hadid Architects
Red Ant
Samsung Chemicals
Samsung Semiconductor
MCA Concept
Inox communications
EG Electronics
City and State of Neuchâtel - swiss fresh fashion