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Cully Jazz 2016 – 34e édition is proud to support the Cully Jazz Festival in the role of textile partner. The 34rd edition of the Festival will take place from 8 to 16 April 2016.

With 9 days of music, 30 paying concerts and 70 free concerts, Cully Jazz has become an unmissable event for those who love jazz and the Festival’s warm friendly atmosphere.


Cully Jazz Festival website - Swiss clothing

Montreux Jazz Festival

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Montreux Jazz Festival | 29 juin au 14 Juillet 2012 |

Pendant tout le Montreux Jazz nous avons un super emplacement grâce à Fabien de Fly-Xperience avec coin relax sur nos transats en face du lac, coin vente fringues avec prix spécial “Montreux Jazz” et bien sûr pour réserver un vol en parapente au dessus du lac Léman et vivre une expérience incroyable.

Nous sommes juste à côté de la statue de Freddie Mercury


by night


click ici pour plus d’info sur Fly-Xperience

R.E.S.P.E.C.T à toute l’équipe de Fabien sur place !! Team
it’s up to you !!


Sim’s – swiss band – ADDICTED !!

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Sim’s – swiss ADDICTED !!

Malgré les apparences , Sim’s n’est pas un jeu vidéo, mais bel et bien un groupe de rap qui adore le mélange de différents styles comme le pop, rock, jazz et autre.

Sim’s est l’union entre Simon Seiler leader du groupe accompagné des fidèles, loyaux, brillants, mais également fourbes, manipulateurs, fêtards excessifs – repentis- , Sim’s sillonne les scènes suisses avec la force et la vigueur d’un adolescent qu’il n’est plus depuis longtemps.


Sim’s, en 4 albums, («des mots» en 2000, «je la rêve» en 2002, «états d’homme» en 2006 et «dernière arme» en 2012) s’est construit une identité reconnue dans le milieu musical suisse.

Après Etats d’homme (sur lequel on retrouve le rappeur Sako du groupe marseillais «Chiens de Paille», Sim’s a monté en collaboration avec le guitariste biennois Markus Moser le projet «Jazz meets Rap», un trio de jazz accompagné d’un rappeur, ce qui lui a permis de faire découvrir ses textes à d’autres publics (par exemple lors du festival de jazz de Namur en Belgique).

Ci-dessous l’album 2012 : dernière arme


plus d’info sur le groupe Sim’s http: or facebook

R.E.S.P.E.C.T à toute l’équipe !! Team
it’s up to you !!


NYA – DUB electronic JAZZ musician singer – ADDICTED !!

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NYA – DUB electronic JAZZ musician singer – ADDICTED !!

Known for his collaborations with the jazz hip hop pioneers Silent Majority and nujazz trumpet player Erik Truffaz, Nya has always been exploring borderline territories: between the organic and the digital, between trance and improvisation, between the freedom of jazz and the tightness of hypnotic rhythms, between down-to-earth poetry and outer space mysticism.


With his new album being called “Rootz Teknowledgy”, Nya is another perfect example of’s “alpine roots meet urban creativity”.

Official website:

Nya on MySpace:

Buy Nya’s album on bandcamp:

We fell in love with his music during the Cully Jazz Festival…

R.E.S.P.E.C.T Team
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Daniel SPAHNI drummer – ADDICTED

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Daniel SPAHNI – drummer – ADDICTED !!

DANIEL SPAHNI was born on the 29th of May 1967, in Lausanne, Switzerland. As his parents were musicians too, he got into it very early, and entered the Conservatory with the age of six, were he first studied the Piano for a short wile. Very soon, he fell in love with the sounds of Drums, and started practiceing his instrument when he was eight years old. First of all in a Marching Band, where he received the Rudiments of Drumming, then during the rehearsals of his dad’s band, he learnt about the pleasure of sharing Music…


Later, 16 years old, he studied more in the EJMA (Ecole de Jazz et de Musiques Actuelles), and got influenced by Olivier Clerc’s advices (BBFC), lately studied with Moeller whip’s master Jojo Mayer.. Fromthese early years remain his need for musical friendship and high involvement into it.


After playing in many cover-bands, “Les Sales Combles” a band leaded by Christian “Dodo” Addor (Ex-Débile Menthol), gave him the opportunity to do his first recording “Les Salles Vides” (1989). In 1990,”The Heart Beat Band” got together again, associating Daniel to its new identity: “The Mad Lighters” released their first CD “Play on Mr Music” (1991), featuring Trombonist Rico and went on tour…

Another collaboration happend for the album “Shine” (2000). At the same time but in a totally other style, our percussionist tried something with sax player Gilbert Ummel, and this experienced went,with the help of bassist Andre Schenk, into the production of a CD “Larsen Rupin: A Ban” (1991)and a number of gigs. The rhytm section also got hired for “Die Vögel Europas” work: “Short Stories”(1993). Larsen Rupin releases a second album in 2001: “Contredanses”.For a few years Daniel went busking with “The Flying Tidburys”, a sort of musical comedy act, a street performance that brang them thru eight countries.

Spahni is well required session drummer (see Disco…), and it’s during one of these sessions that he got to know Victor “Fizzè” de Bros (Mensch Records), with whom he worked frequently since: “Peeni Waali… The Return” (1997), “Fizzè: The Peeni Waali Phenomenon” (1999), “The Eve of… Peeni Waali” (2000). This Gentleman also intoduced him to severals productions like Helmut Lipsky’s “Moontide” (1997), or Jamaican Poet Linton Kwesi Johnson’s “More Time” (1998), or even Pippo Pollina’s “Rossocuore” (1999). Other opportunities gave him the chance to play live with Daniel Bourquin, Elliott Sharp, Archie Shepp, for example..

Being in contact also with such big names gave him the strength and will to go further in his carreer, and Daniel Spahni is always looking forward to maybe meeting you along it…

Official website :

Daniel on facebook : facebook Team
it’s up to you !!