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Bastian Baker – ADDICTED !!

By, 22-08-2012 @ 02:03 [addicted]

Swiss singer & songwriter – Bastian Baker - ADDICTED !!

Just one single, «Lucky» (was it a premonition?) played over and over by Swiss radio stations was all it needed for Bastian Baker’s name to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, as well as his catchy ballads.  Practically unknown in January 2011, in the space of just a few months he managed to conquer the public, the media and even Claude Nobs, head of the Montreux Jazz Festival. He has been a total success, since his first concert at the 2011 Caprices Festival in front of 3,000 enthusiastic spectators to his appearance on the Off stage at Montreux. Everyone recognised his charisma, his angelic looks and his talent. It was the start of the Bastian Baker phenomenon. However, this 20-year-old singer songwriter has not let success go to his head. On the contrary, he is realistic and says “I don’t want to be just a fad!”


His first album «Tomorrow May Not Be Better», recorded in Paris with the very best English musicians and mixed at the Philippe Weiss studio, came out on 9 September 2011, was # 1 on Swiss iTunes sales from the first day and soared to the top of the charts (# 3 as soon as it came out in Switzerland). His songs are great mixture of pop-folk and sometimes rock sounds, and the album was so successful with the public and the critics, it became a Gold record in barely four months. After 2011 which finished on a high at Zurich’s Hallenstadion, where the singer performed in front of 13,000 people as the opener for the Roxette concert, 2012 already promises to be a good year. With winning a Swiss Music Award, his album coming out in France this spring, a song recorded for the Swiss Davis Cup team and a song in the works with the producer of the rapper Stress…. There’s no denying Bastian Baker, nominated their 3rd favourite celebrity by the Swiss, is here to stay!

Sometimes we have good luck and you see him with clothes, maximum R.E.S.P.E.C.T to him and Raphael his manager!! Team
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Montreux Jazz Festival

By, 30-06-2012 @ 11:33 [events]

Montreux Jazz Festival | 29 juin au 14 Juillet 2012 |

Pendant tout le Montreux Jazz nous avons un super emplacement grâce à Fabien de Fly-Xperience avec coin relax sur nos transats en face du lac, coin vente fringues avec prix spécial “Montreux Jazz” et bien sûr pour réserver un vol en parapente au dessus du lac Léman et vivre une expérience incroyable.

Nous sommes juste à côté de la statue de Freddie Mercury


by night


click ici pour plus d’info sur Fly-Xperience

R.E.S.P.E.C.T à toute l’équipe de Fabien sur place !! Team
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Montreux Jazz Festival vol biplace parapente

By, 07-07-2010 @ 13:52 [events]

Pendant le Montreux Jazz Festival venez voler avec nos potes Fabien, Claude, Gilles et les autres… en vol biplace parapente, en dessus du festival avec atterrissage sur un radeau sur le lac !!

Pour réserver votre vol ou pour plus d’info tel: 078 648 20 68


Si vous passez par là, venez prendre des stickers….

tigidoppppppp, Team
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