little friendly funky paper friend Monsieur Gus

By, 16-03-2007 @ 11:26 [videos and animations]

Monsieur Gus is a little friendly funky paper friend !!

Yoooo it’s done !! The first ever Monsieur Gus and collector is available and free to download ! Careful because your friends could be jealous so put him everywhere.

MonsieurGus &

Monsieur Gus is a cool paper character who lives in Gusland. You can discover in fantasmagoric world on the website, where you also have the opportunity to download him and create him.

In Gusland, you will meet the strangest and funniest characters : ex-gangsters now members of a rock group (or vice versa), retired super heroes, the last citizen of the Gusiksthan (Gus’ roommate at the moment), the Hammer brothers, previous horror movie superstars who are hoping a second big career in the gangster sector, the horrible Bronchite Professor, who is evil and hates Gus, and many more!

33 characters already exist for that first seasson (+ the rugby ones). Many more will come to live soon. Visit to discover their story and to get your own Gus!

You can download the MonsieurGus for free so please download, print, cut, paste and take a picture of him and then send a picture to and to

please send only 600 pixel large pictures thank you !!

Andy et son MonsieurGus

From this gallery you can send an e-postcard of your MonsieurGus… hehehe !!

 click below to see how to send your e-postcard 

e-postcard heidi

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  1. Cyril says:

    Ils sont trooooop FUNNY les Gus !



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